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11 Year Old (2013) Chestnut Stallion - Sire: Pacino - Dam: Creevyquinn Lass - Sire of Dam: Cruising

Stable name: Snickers - UELN: 372414005678326 - Microchip: 372141405678326

Creevy Pacino Cruise exhibits stallion behaviour and requires experienced handling e.g. biting. 

He has to be sedated to shoe behind.

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Competition Highlights;

19.8.20 –            clear every day in Bolesworth 7 year olds  selected for Lanaken Young Horse World Championships, (cancelled due to COVID)

 COVID lockdown

 10.7.21 -            second in the Area Trial Kent County Show

Summer 21       fifth in two star 1.40m @ Hickstead

19 & 20 .8.21    sixth two days running in the 1.40 meter 2 star at Bolesworth

9.9.21                 Hickstead second in 1.40m

10.10.21            second in HOYs GP

22 & 24.4.22     Second in 1.40 meters and first in 1.40 meters

3.6.22                 third in Area Trial at Royal Bath and West County Show

11.6.22              won GP at South of England

29.6.22              Second in 1.40 meters Royal Norfolk County Show

Creevy Pacino Cruise did not compete from June 2022 - May 2023 due to partnership dispute

 7.5.23               won Pycombe GP

31.5.23              third in Area Trial at Suffolk County Show

11.6.23              second Stairway at South of England

23.6.23              third in Stairway at Royal Highland Show

9.7.23                 won International Trial at Kent County

11.7.23              second in 1.50 meters at Great Yorkshire Show

5.8.23                 fourth in 1.45 meters National Championships at Stoneleigh

11.8.23              fourth in Area Trial at Shrewsbury Flower Show

17.8.23              third in Two star 1.40 meters at Bolesworth

31.8.23              won Area Trial at Bucks County Show

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To request a copy of Veterinary Report email with your contact details

To request a Radiographs / X-rays email with your contact details

Please familiarise yourself with the Conditions of Sale which can be found under 'Terms' 

Appointments to view Creevy Pacino Cruise are available on Tuesdays leading up to the Auction and can be booked by emailing with your name, contact number, and particular Tuesday date and time. Creevy Pacino Cruise is based in the UK.


Conditions of Sale

Auctioneers Licence No. 002355 


This Sale is held subject to the following conditions which form the basis of the Contract between the Purchaser and Vendor.






1)    All bidders should be of legal age 18 years of age or older

2)    Clients wishing to bid online will need to register their details 1 hour prior to start of sale.

3)    €5,000 will be 'on hold' from your Debit / Credit Card at Payment Authorisation on Registration.  This amount is 'on hold' for the duration of the sale and will be cancelled after sale unless there is a purchase.  In the instance of a purchase the €5,000 will be charged as a deposit towards the sale price of the Horse. If an issue arises and the Purchaser defaults for whatsoever reason, this ‘on hold’ deposit will be taken as compensation for costs incurred.

4)    Clients bidding online should have read in full our Conditions of Sale as by bidding online Cavan Equestrian will understand that you have accepted these terms 

5)    Ensure your account is private to you as by bidding online you will have entered into a binding contract and are liable for all bids made by said account.

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7)    Cavan Equestrian Centre reserves the right to reject or terminate an online bidding account without notice.


1)    Bidding on the Online Auction is done so at your own risk.  Cavan Equestrian Centre will not accept responsibility for any problems that may arise whether technical, wi-fi or internet speeds / failure or otherwise

2)    Purchasers should ensure that they have familiarized themselves with all information pertaining to the Horse i.e. veterinary certificate, x-rays, etc. and be satisfied with the information

3)    X-Rays should be checked by Prospective Purchasers prior to purchase.

4)    Once the 'Bid' button has been clicked, the bidder takes full responsibility and will be held liable for the full payment and collection of the lot if named the winning bidder.

5)     It will be at Cavan Equestrian Centre Auctioneers discretion as to the winning bid.

6)      When a bid is placed during the last five minutes, the auction will be extended for five minutes. This makes it useless to wait until the last seconds to place your bid.



Prospective Online Bidders should be satisfied with the video footage/photos and information provided including veterinary certificate. 

This horse will be sold under the Conditions of Sale, unless otherwise specified by the auctioneer on the day. There is no term implied in any sale that any lot is of merchantable quality or is fit for training or any particular purpose.

It is the responsibility of the Purchaser to ensure that he is satisfied with the condition of the Horse before bidding.

The Vendor is responsible for the accuracy of all information provided by themselves for this Horse.





This Lot will commence at €20,000 and will be On the Market / Selling from the start with increments of €2,500

If the Lot is purchased and not paid for as herein before provided, then the following provisions shall take effect until payment

is received,

            (a) Title to the Horse shall not pass to the Purchaser but shall remain vested in the Vendor.

(b) Should the Purchaser fail to pay for a Lot within a reasonable period then such Lot may at any time be resold by Public Auction or by Private Treaty

(c)Nothing herein contained shall preclude Cavan Horse & Pony Sales or the Vendor of a Lot pursuing all legal remedies available to them, or either of them for the recovery of the Purchase Price from a defaulting Purchaser and all expenses commissions and damages resulting from such default.




(1)        Cavan Horse & Pony Sales shall not be liable for any statement made in Online Catalogue concerning Horse listed herein for sale, nor for any Description or Pedigree expressed or implied on its behalf, such information being supplied by the Vendor who alone is responsible for its accuracy.


(2)        After the fall of the hammer the Horse purchased is at the Purchaser's expense and risk




Prospective Purchasers should be completely satisfied with veterinary exams as there is no re-examination.

Prospective Purchasers can avail of the opportunity for Creevy Pacino Cruise to be examined by a vet of their choice prior to

the sale

Any Prospective Purchaser who wishes to have their vet check the horse should contact Cavan Equestrian Centre to make

an appointment prior to the auction. The horse is based in the UK

Creevy Pacino Cruise veterinary examination was carried out on 30th April 2024



An extensive set of X-Rays (performed 24th January 2024) will be available on the Online Auction site to be viewed by Clients and/or their Vet. Prospective Purchasers can also request an emailed set of X-Rays by emailing 




Subject to foregoing Conditions, the Auctioneers (Cavan Horse & Pony Sales) act as the Agent of both the Vendor and the Purchaser and to this end, the Auctioneers shall use their best endeavours to act to the mutual benefit of both Vendor and Purchaser. In the event that any dispute arises for whatever reason as between the Vendor and the Purchaser, then the Auctioneers, the Vendor and the Purchaser shall be bound by these Conditions of Sale. The Auctioneers shall not be liable to the Purchaser or to the Vendor in any manner howsoever arising from the sale of the Lot and in the event of any dispute arising in relation to the Lot, the Vendor’s remedy shall be against the Purchaser and the Purchaser’s remedy shall be against the Vendor. In the event that the dispute arises as between Vendor and Purchaser in respect of the Lot before the Auctioneers have paid over any purchaser money, the Auctioneers on being notified of the said complaint and dispute between the parties, shall hold the purchaser money in their possession in the Clients Account until such time as the dispute is resolved.  Resolution will only happen if the Conditions of Sale have been followed correctly by the Purchaser and the Vendor.  In the event that Vendor or Purchaser initiates legal proceedings, the Auctioneers shall be bound by these Conditions of Sales and by any Order of Court in relation to the matter. The Vendor or Purchaser, as the case may be, shall indemnify Cavan Horse & Pony Sales in respect of any costs incurred resulting from any proceedings arising out of a sale. In the event of any dispute arising between purchaser and vendor for whatsoever reason post sale a representative of Cavan Horse & Pony Sales may at its sole and absolute discretion make a final and binding decision(s) with regard to the dispute.

Where Cavan Horse & Pony Sales are brought in as a party to any dispute, Cavan Horse & Pony Sales will be entitled to payment of their reasonable legal and other expenses on a full indemnity basis from the party who joins them in. In the event of a Lot having been removed from Cavan Horse & Pony Sales premises then Cavan Horse & Pony Sales shall be entitled to repossess the Horse from anyone in possession of it.




On completion of Sale payment will be made immediately by Bank Transfer. A deposit will be taken from the card of the Successful Purchaser pending Bank Transfer of full payment. Please note the following card charges;

·         Domestic Cards (all EU countries inc. UK) (Debit or Credit)            – 1%

·         Domestic Commercial (all EU countries inc. UK) (Debit or Credit) – 2%

·         Outside EU (including Norway and Switzerland) all cards                - 2.5%



5% of the sale price is payable by the Vendor.

8% of the sale price is payable by the Purchaser.


VAT will be applicable at the rate of 13.5% OR by the use of a VAT number OR Proof of Transport to certain countries where this covers the VAT liability

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